Wheels Up

It's nearly time. Time to head off on an adventure of a lifetime. But what to pack you ask? Do you choose a carry-on or check a bag? Some packers are different, but for this 24-hour adventure, we are choosing a carry-on. There is a sort of thrill in trying to pack all your needs into one bag! Also, there's a certain art in trying to create looks that can be interchangeable.


Key packing list:

  • crop blue jeans
  • black jeans
  • white button up blouse
  • trench coat
  • plain tee
  • sneakers
  • pop of color item
  • dress
  • pajamas
  • statement necklace
  • journal
  • Go Pro - Camera - Disposable Camera ( one of these, or all if you're us )
  • clogs or statement shoe
  • book or audio book
  • headphones
  • reusable water bottle

Now, add in until your carry-on is full, or just full enough that you can still carry it through the whole airport. ( no one wants a sore back on an adventure )

Things we add on top:

  • Fun tops
  • snacks ( #all the snacks )
  • scarves and accessories

Adventure is calling. Where will you go next?


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