Never Meant - A poem

Words by Stephanie Mann
Image by Jesse Lynch


You were never meant to
Be gone,
Never meant to say
No, you weren’t meant to
Vanish into the emptiness of
With a mind too vast,
Thoughts too deep,
All things too heavy to
Evaporate in the sky.
Nothing weighs more,
Nothing more substantial,
Than your impact on each blade of grass, each
Drop of rain
And every blink of the eye.
You were never meant to
Be gone,
Go away,

Say goodbye.
Never meant to disappear.
And so you didn’t.
Still present in the ground,
Still present in the air,
Still alive in the pulse in our veins that makes us all

Too heavy to vanish.
I cannot say goodbye,
And I simply refuse.
No one’s meant to go away,
And so
They don’t.


In loving memory of Alisa's two beautiful grandmothers, AnneMarie and Deanna. 
And our love to a dear friend Tess who lost her sweet pup Cook.

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