A New Year

I sort of love January. I love beginnings, the butterflies of a fresh start, and the shiny, squeaky clean newness that each year brings. The tags are still on this never-been worn year that will adorn us with better health, stronger relationships, work success, financial responsibility, world travel, more sex, new friends, cultured minds. Each and every January we are promised these things that electrify us and motivate us into becoming our best selves.

There’s a joke around town though that we wake up from our January dreams in February. The spark of inspiration to become our ultimate selves is dampened by the mundane, everyday realness that isn’t so shiny and new. The holiday treats have sugar-coated our minds into thinking we were capable of greatness, but the fog has lifted and greatness has become just another aspiration far, far away.

I love a good laugh, believe me, but I’ve heard this joke too many times and it’s getting stale. I’m bored of it. I’m getting older and don’t have time to poop out on my resolutions anymore! I love myself too much to stop now. If I want to be a creative director, I HAVE to create and direct on my own. If I want a clear face, I HAVE to stop picking at my skin, eat cleaner foods, and drink more water. If I want to be a great girlfriend, I HAVE to listen to and support my partner and also have my own life. There are so many things I want this year, which means there is so much work to do, and it’s not going to get done by January 31st. If I want anything this year, I’m going to have to commit to it for the long haul, plan, try, fail, succeed (not in that order), and just keep going, dammit.

Part of the reason we might stop is that we make resolutions that aren’t true. We make goals that are too specific, or maybe, too basic. Ask yourself what you want and why you want it. Dig a little deeper into your ideas and motivations. Do you want a healthier relationship with your parents? Do you want a promotion at work? Do you want to be “skinnier”? Why is that? What is going to take to get there? What will you have to sacrifice to get to the next level? Making a goal that is aspirational, yet attainable, and truly authentic will make it easier to achieve and therefore, it will be more likely that you succeed.

Let’s treat our resolutions like a relationship this year. That means listening to them, supporting them, challenging them, and pushing through even when things get tough. Let’s love them like we love our families, friends, and partners, and hopefully ourselves, and show them off like we do our children and pets. Let’s keep ourselves accountable for our actions like it’s our job to do so! I believe we can do it. Let’s do it together.

What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2017? Share below and check back to keep your spirits high and your motivation strong.

Bring it on 2017.

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